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Welcome To Global Education Study Centers

GLOBAL EDUCATION STUDY CENTRES (GESC UK) is a UK based educational advisory service consultancy which provides impartial counselling and application services for international students wishing to study at high colleges and universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Cyprus, Canada, Russia, Georgia and other countries on request.


The business was founded in the UK in 2005 and since then has helped thousands of students to study overseas. The organization has grown considerably and now has offices in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon with further expansion planned in 2013 as well as a base in the UK. Our counsellors are professional and well versed in all aspects of the various education AND visa systems and we have built up a strong relationship and reputation amongst all our institutions.  Our success rates in conversion of visas is a resounding 98%!!
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  • What Is Our Success Rate?

    We have a 97% success rate on visa applications for the UK and we are very proud of that record. In other countries such as Cyprus its 100%.

    Achieve Excellence In Academics And Studies

    Many of our partners offer reductions on fees and bursaries for high performing applicants. For example with bursaries and reductions students can study a Masters degree in the UK for approx 1.5 million Naira at a public University.
  • How Do Students Get Involved With GESC (UK)

    We have regular interview sessions and any intending student can register and become a member.


    Our membership terms and conditions can be found on our website along with all our contact and office details.


    Please contact us for more information.

  • Q. What countries does Global deal with?
    A. UK, Ukraine, Malaysia, France, Cyprus, Dubai, Canada, USA.


    Q.What do I get for membership?
    A. Access to our facilities, free courier of papers overseas, access to our UK specialist, ongoing support tracking your application.


    Q. What are the study costs?
    A. Fees vary from country to country. In UK fees start at approx £3500 per year and up to £12000 a year.


    Cheapest courses are in Malaysia and Ukraine starting at $3500 a year inc accommodation.




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